Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Through this story I want to bring forward the feelings of those families who send their sons, brothers or husbands on missions for the welfare of the country. The film will be a yarn of the raw emotions and terrible complexity that a woman goes through, while her husband is away serving the country.
Being a wife of a soldier itself has many battles of its own. It’s a given fact that they worry to the point, their husbands not returning back at all. Several brides after their marriage don’t see their husbands for years. Sometime the wait is too long and the consequences are uncanny. Sons and daughters forget their fathers face and the families go through a rough time.
Men who are serving the nation are at constant emotional war with themselves and their close ones too but they choose their duties for the state over their family.
Here I wish to study the confusions and conflict which drives the sentiments of the woman who is in depression while waiting for her man’s homecoming.

from the start

This story is narrated from the point of view of a curious little boy who while playing every day for the past 2 years, watches a woman standing on the window.
This woman is his neighbor who has been waiting for her husband, who left for secret naval mission 3 years ago. Later the news of his missing ship was sent to the house with no further information. They had been consoling the families of those young officers, by saying that they have sent a team to find the ship.
Years have passed and yet the woman is not convinced that her husband might have died. She is undergoing clinical depression and because of her extreme emotions and reactions no relative or neighbors ever talk to her. Each time she snaps at them in anger and tells them that her husband will return some day.
One day the boy is playing outside when he sees a postman going to her house. Curious as the boy has always been, he runs and climbs the window to see what’s happening. The woman receives a letter from the Navy department. She grabs the letter from the postman and starts dancing like a mad woman in excitement. The boy looks perplex as the woman shrieks and laughs and dances. He gets down the window and runs to her door.
As he enters he notices the woman hanging from the fan. The letter is unopened and lying on the doorstep.
She commits suicide before knowing what the letters said. …black…
At the end the camera focuses on the letter on the table. Her husband was to return in a few months. His mission was a success.